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Performing Arts

Gotta dance? Sing your heart out? Act up a storm? Deepen your talent and your appreciation of the arts at NMH.

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Performing art courses at NMH are designed to nurture your appreciation and understanding of a wide range of music, theater, and dance while developing your creative skills and strengthening your confidence and talents.

You'll learn the vocabulary of the performing arts and how to discuss and critique it articulately. You'll also learn the importance of crossing boundaries and collaborating with artists from other disciplines, even incorporating ideas from areas like science or economics into the way you think about art. 

Our arts teachers are experienced artists themselves and are committed to supporting developing artists — helping you feel safe, valued, and inspired to take your dreams to the next level. You’ll do that in the stunning performance spaces and professional practice studios of our Rhodes Arts Center.

Whether it's sight reading, lighting and set design, choreography, or playwriting, you’ll leave NMH with the skills to perform, understand, and appreciate art for the rest of your life. Perhaps you'll become one of the many alumni who leave our boarding school to go on to careers in theater, music, or dance. We’re certain that you’ll develop a lifelong passion for making and supporting art.