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Teacher and two students doing math problem on white board at boarding school in Massachusetts


NMH math faculty are dedicated to helping you develop a solid foundation in the theory and mechanics of mathematics, and to finding real-world applications for your math skills.


The curriculum is rigorous and challenging, broad and deep, and includes courses often taught in the second and third year of college. These include multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and number theory.

Technology is central to many classes. In all courses beyond geometry, you’ll use a TI-Nspire CX-CAS graphing calculator, which includes a robust computer algebra system. You may also use Desmos, Wolfram Alpha, and other online technologies, and learn basic coding in Python. We also participate in the “Hour of Code,” a national initiative to encourage students to begin writing code early in their education.

Not everyone learns math with the same ease, or at the same rate, so NMH offers honors, standard, and basic coursework throughout the curriculum. The department will place you in the most appropriate course based on teacher recommendations, transcripts, records of aptitudes, placement tests, and previous achievement. This mathematics flowchart shows the various progressions you can take through the math curriculum.

In our classes, you’ll learn how critical math is in a wide range of areas. For example, students have used Desmos graphing software for art projects, examined mathematics’ role in the dairy industry, designed roller coasters, constructed student-life polls and interpreted the results, analyzed news articles about racial disparity in police forces, and written computer programs for transmitting messages in secret code, among many other exciting explorations.

NMH math is piloting a team-taught, mastery-based curriculum in ninth-grade Algebra 1, soon to be extended to other foundational coursework. You’ll progress through an integrated mathematics continuum at your own pace, advancing as you understand the material rather than on a fixed schedule.

Outside the Classroom

Extra help with math homework is available on school nights from faculty and student volunteers. This thriving and enthusiastic environment can make a big impact on how you experience math at NMH.

We also have a formidable Math Team, a diverse group of people who love to play with numbers. There are three groups based on skill level, akin to a varsity, JV, and thirds framework in sports. This means that each team member, at any level of mathematical sophistication, can find success in problem solving, and no one will run out of challenges. Without grades or tests, the Math Team provides a place to focus on the sheer joy of mathematics.


Please see the Curriculum Guide for complete course descriptions. For further information, please contact Kai Robinson at or 413-498-3473.