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Computer Science

Group of computer science students talking with teacher at boarding school in New England


The computer science courses at Northfield Mount Hermon will do more than help you become an accomplished programmer.

You'll learn critical thinking skills, gain self confidence, and learn to trust your own expertise. You'll also learn the importance of collaboration and working as a team. In other words, you'll learn the discipline of problem solving in today's world.

You'll start to work in Java, designing programs that incorporate shapes and animation, color and sound. Maybe you'll design a video game with battling aliens or whimsical animals. The projects are fascinating and enjoyable, even as you learn to work with increasingly complicated concepts and mathematics. In fact, our AP-level class covers much of the same ground as a first-year college course.

As you learn about algorithms and data structures, loops, arrays, and binary trees, you'll gain an appreciation of how complicated software development is and how it can challenge you on many levels. You'll improve your technical, scientific skills at programming, but you'll also be pushed to be more creative. In effect, you'll learn to be both linear and nonlinear! And, of course, your teachers will be there to help you through. Dynamic and friendly, they'll push and encourage you; through them, you'll see that in computer programming, there always is another opportunity, another challenge.

For more information, and to see course descriptions, see the Curriculum Guide.