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Develop a solid foundation in the mechanics of mathematics – and find real-world applications for your math skills.

We embrace a range of technology and encourage problem-solving skill building. NMH participates in the “Hour of Code,” a national initiative that get students writing code. Our computer science courses combine coding and technology with collaboration and creativity. You’ll learn to approach problems from both a linear and nonlinear perspective — great preparation for the technological challenges of today's world.

Our mathematics curriculum is broad and deep, aimed at providing a mixture of foundational and practical skills. 

Because not everyone learns math with the same ease or at the same pace, NMH offers foundational to advanced coursework throughout our boarding school curriculum. When you enter NMH, we’ll take care to place you in the right math course for you. Our College-Model Academic Program allows advanced students to move on to topics typically not studied until college, like multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and number theory. 

In every class, you’ll have opportunities to apply your math skills to a wide range of interests. Our students have used graphing software for art projects, designed roller coasters, constructed and interpreted student-life polls, analyzed news articles about racial disparity in police forces, and written computer programs for transmitting messages in secret code.

You’ll take math classes in the Gilder Center, which opened in 2021 and was designed to encourage a Silicon Valley-like learning environment. Along with its classrooms and labs, the Gilder Center is filled with spaces that foster creativity and collaboration. There is even an innovation space — the Fab Lab — the perfect spot for imagining, designing, and fabricating projects.