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Classroom from Boarding High School in Western MA


The Northfield Mount Hermon humanities program has three dimensions.

The three-dimension approach includes a core program for the first two grade levels, consisting of required interdisciplinary courses that integrate English, history, and religious studies; an elective program offering interdisciplinary courses for upper-level students; and discipline-specific courses. All humanities courses emphasize the mastery and application of critical-thinking skills and effective writing.

In the ninth and tenth grades, students explore the humanities through paired courses that are taught collaboratively by a teacher from each discipline. The teachers coordinate the curriculum to create an interdisciplinary learning experience that transcends the individual classroom. Ninth-grade students take a two-credit interdisciplinary program consisting of Ninth-Grade English and Introduction to Religious Studies. In the sophomore year, students take a two-credit interdisciplinary program consisting of Topics in World History and Religions of the World. This sophomore program is required of new sophomores.

For more information and to see course descriptions, see the Curriculum Guide.