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History & Social Science

Make sense of our changing world by exploring how the past informs the future. 

In NMH’s history and social science department, you'll look at the nature of change, both historical and cultural, and what it means for us today. 

Our courses, which cover everything from the New Deal to Confucianism, Amazon warriors to macroeconomics, help you analyze historical events and individuals' roles within them. They’re designed to help you understand and develop a respect for human heritage and the human condition.

Our engaging courses integrate literary, religious, and artistic perspectives with economic and cultural developments so you can understand what you’re studying in a broader context. Guest speakers offer new perspectives and ideas, and sometimes groups of international students share their cultures and experiences.

Through our travel program, you might find yourself observing firsthand the effects of urbanization in Brazil, or traveling around the U.S. as a member of Model U.N. 

As you become a strong critical thinker, you'll also become a stronger writer. Writing research papers, you'll discover where to find data and how to arrive at well-considered conclusions. You'll become a sleuth, a theorist, and an interpreter – in other words, a historian.