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The Farm Semester

The Farm Semester Program is an in-depth, immersive academic program on the NMH Farm.

In our Farm Semester Program, you'll immerse yourself in a multidisciplinary experience that draws on your background in literature, biology, and chemistry as you engage in a close observation of the landscape and explore essential questions guiding society towards a sustainable future.

The semester-long program combines two courses, the Science of Farming and Reading and Writing the Land, with hands-on experience on the NMH farm, allowing you to take a deep dive into the science, culture, and practicalities of making the food we eat. 

You’ll hone your powers of observation and analysis through scientific study of campus land use and food production, firsthand experience with farm work, and literary and historical content. As you understand how human imagination is shaped by the land and shapes the land in turn, you’ll start to understand your own relationship to the land.