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At Northfield Mount Hermon, we’re committed to recruiting the finest faculty from around the world. They're a diverse group of educators who love what they do and are committed to their own continued learning.  


Our faculty take part in a wide range of professional development and educational opportunities to stay current in the best educational practices, in and out of the classroom. Last summer alone, NMH faculty took part in a research exchange program on community journalism in Puerto Rico, a painting trip along the coast of Maine, and a summer program in elementary and intermediate Greek. Others pursued graduate studies in fields ranging from diversity, equity, and inclusion in education to theater and dance. Still others participated in conferences, workshops, and trainings on molecular biology, anti-racism, creative nonfiction, and dance, among other topics. 

NMH faculty respect and promote hard work and collaboration. They lead by example, playing many roles at NMH — as coaches, advisors, and mentors — in addition to teaching. 

They help students achieve mastery in their subjects, think critically and creatively, and become effective communicators. They expect students to set lofty goals, take risks, and engage deeply with both academic material and one another. They guide students toward cultural understanding, helping them develop integrity, empathy, and a concern for social justice.

The goal is simple: to deliver excellence while supporting the school’s mission to empower students to act with humanity and purpose so they can change the world. 


At a glance:

Teaching faculty:
88 full-time

Student-to-teacher ratio:
6 to 1

Average class size:
13 students 

Average teaching experience:
20 years

Faculty with advanced degrees: 66%

Size of student advising group:

Academic courses offered: