Extracurricular & Cocurricular Programs

The Northfield Mount Hermon education extends beyond the classroom.

Supporting the classroom experience is a robust cocurricular program that offers students the opportunity to put their learning into action. Cocurricular participation — playing soccer, acting in the musical, writing for the student newspaper, debating policy, creating a space balloon, tutoring at the local public school — brings to life the NMH mission to “act with humanity and purpose.”

For more information, see the sections linked below in the online Curriculum Guide.

Cocurricular Courses

  • Student Life Seminar
  • Ninth Grade Health Seminar
  • Tenth Grade Seminar
  • College Counseling

Physical Education and Athletics

  • Physical Education and Athletics
  • Outdoor Program

Arts Cocurriculars

  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Groups

NMH Publications

Other Activities

Service-Learning Activities

  • Service Learning Cocurriculars
  • Service Learning Extracurriculars
  • Service Learning Project Days

Extracurricular Courses