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Cocurriculars & Extracurriculars

At NMH, your education extends far beyond the classroom.

Do you dance? Sing? Sink three-pointers? Engage in community service? Love to debate or build robots? The NMH experience is designed to help you explore your interests and discover new ones as you grow into your potential in and out of the classroom.

At NMH, you’ll have access to a wealth of cocurricular and extracurricular opportunities. Cocurriculars are required; you’ll choose from an array of athletic teams, performing arts ensembles, visual arts classes, community service groups, campus leadership roles, and many other classes and activities.

Extracurriculars are optional and include many clubs and organizations, most of them created and run by students. Consider helping with a clothing drive or learning self-defense for women. Join our student diversity committee, the movie club, or the campus chapter of Amnesty International. 

At NMH, your experiences out of the classroom will be as invigorating and inspiring as those within it. You’ll find yourself connecting concepts and cultivating creativity across all your activities, fully integrating your interests.