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Girl reading a book at a boarding school in New England


At Northfield Mount Hermon, we want you to fall in love with the written word.

We want you to be hungry for reading and passionate about writing. So our English courses serve up an incredibly vast array of voices, styles, and assignments.

Whether you are reading ancient epics, such as the Iliad and the Odyssey or studying Langston Hughes and the works of the Harlem Renaissance, you'll learn to interpret texts skillfully through written analysis. These assignments, as well as essays, short stories, news articles, research papers, and poems, will hone your technical, critical, and creative skills.

Your English classes will also develop you as a thinker and as a member of the community. Through discussion and debate, you'll be asked to articulate your thoughts and reactions to readings. And, perhaps most importantly, you'll be asked to listen—thoughtfully and responsively. That's because at NMH, we believe it's absolutely vital to be exposed to a variety of opinions and perspectives, whether it comes from a world-famous author or the student sitting next to you.

Our English faculty is highly experienced. In fact, many of our teachers have lived and taught in other countries, which comes in handy for the international studies classes, in which you might read Turkish poetry or Irish short stories before heading off to Istanbul or Dublin. Our instructors also love what they teach, and their passions are fueled even further by the fact that they choose the readings they assign. Yes, it's a small thing and, after a time, you might even think it doesn't matter, that your teachers simply love reading everything. And hopefully by that point, so will you.

For more information, and to see course descriptions, see the Curriculum Guide.