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If English is not your native language, coming to Northfield Mount Hermon is an excellent way to perfect your skills while participating in a demanding academic curriculum.

Our English as a Second Language courses give you the tools you need to read novels, write papers, and excel at taking tests; all in English. Our ESL courses combine traditional forms of instruction with communicative activities that will challenge and engage you. There will be class discussions, skits, role playing, and videotaped performances. You'll have cultural lessons and go on field trips. The learning is interesting and designed to help you gain confidence quickly.

With our incredibly diverse student body, you'll have lots of opportunities to use your English, not just with native speakers, but with classmates from all over the world. And you can join international and multicultural groups that are involved in plenty of social, political, and educational activities.

The ESL teachers at NMH are experienced and energetic. Their main goal is to help you make the transition to our mainstream classes and become successful with your English. They're happy to take the time to go over your writing, review some grammar, or just talk to you. That's because at NMH, our instructors feel that they (and the world!) shouldn't just understand what you're saying. They want to understand who you are.

For more information, and to see course descriptions, see the ESL section of the online Curriculum Guide.