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Read with enthusiasm. Write with dexterity. Think with precision.

At NMH, we want you to be hungry for reading and passionate about writing. In our English courses, you’ll encounter the magic of a good book and the power of a good essay — and uncover your own ability to articulate your ideas and express yourself through writing. 

Whether you are reading ancient epics, such as The Iliad and The Odyssey, or studying Langston Hughes and the works of the Harlem Renaissance, you'll learn to interpret texts skillfully through written analysis. You’ll hone your technical, critical, and creative skills while working with a wide range of materials — novels, plays, essays, short stories, news articles, research papers, and poems —  surrounded by inspiring teachers and engaged peers.

Express your love of writing by joining one of our campus publications: the Lamplighter newspaper, the Gemini yearbook, or Mandala, our art and literary magazine.

At every level, you’ll be encouraged to read with discrimination, sensibility, and appreciation; to write with precision and clarity; and to speak with honesty and conviction. And, perhaps most important, you'll be asked to listen thoughtfully and responsively. That's because at NMH, we believe it's vital to be exposed to a variety of opinions and perspectives, whether it comes from a world-famous author visiting campus or the student sitting next to you.

Our teachers are passionate about language and literature and excited to help you see how language and culture, experience and expression are connected both on the page and in real life.