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Delve deeply into a subject you're passionate about.

As a senior at NMH, you can opt to pursue a capstone project, an intensive independent undertaking that allows you to investigate an interest that’s not available in the curriculum. 

Working with a capstone mentor, you’ll identify your area of interest, articulate your learning goals and your expectations for a tangible final project, and create the rubrics that will be used to evaluate the project. 

Recent capstone projects include ​a proposal for how to decrease how much the campus dining hall spends on local food purchases while increasing the benefits to local farmers, a play that adapted Slavic literature into English-language drama, and an inaugural dance performance of a piece choreographed by the student dancer. 

The capstone project is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate your ability to shepherd a project from idea to completion and to draw upon all of the interdisciplinary and critical thinking skills you’ve developed at NMH.