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Advanced Program

NMH's Advanced Program offers an immersive learning experience that challenges and empowers you to be an independent learner and to achieve excellence, broaden your worldview, and pursue your full potential. 

These advanced courses, which replace typical AP courses, give you the opportunity to complete college-level work, apply your learning using real-world skills and project-based assessments, and stand out to colleges as you compete for placement and scholarships.

Program Benefits

Mastery of Relevant Skills

Advanced courses emphasize the understanding of subject-specific content and the examination of issues from multiple perspectives, which you can then apply to real-world situations. 

Deep Exploration

Moving beyond a test-prep model allows for deeper and more focused learning and fosters richer understanding and long-term retention. 

Applied Learning

You'll complete rigorous, college-level coursework with an inquiry- and project-based approach. There is more flexibility to allow for open-ended responses and divergent thinking. 

Diverse Voices and Perspectives

Your teachers won't be confined to a prescribed, static AP course structure — they'll have the flexibility to update their curriculum or adapt their instruction in response to current events or advances in their fields. 

Unique Courses

You'll have greater flexibility to select more tailored learning experiences and courses that align with your long-term academic goals, rather than feeling pressure to take only courses labeled “AP.”