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NMH’s curriculum will engage your head, heart, and hands, as you learn through hard work, collaboration, and deep dives into the subjects you’re studying.

At NMH, we’re proud of our innovative, distinctive approach to learning, through a mission-driven program that empowers you to act with humanity and purpose so you can make positive social change. You’ll develop an understanding of multiple cultures, living and learning alongside students from around the world. And you’ll be challenged in the classroom to give your best effort, as you develop and practice values of integrity, empathy, and a concern for social justice.

You’ll learn from our outstanding faculty, who believe in the powerful, transformative work that we do here together and who are committed to meeting you where you are on your personal journey. Your teachers, advisors, and other adult supports will help you set lofty goals, take healthy risks, and find purpose in your potential.


Explore what makes our curriculum distinctive

College-Model Academic Program, or CMAP
Structured like a college schedule, CMAP provides you with opportunities to delve more deeply as you develop strong skills and rich connections with the class material, your teachers, and your classmates.  

Our Faculty
NMH teachers are a diverse group of educators who love what they do and are committed to their own continued learning.  

Cocurriculars and Extracurriculars
The arts, athletics, affinity groups, student media, clubs, student leadership, service opportunities, and more: There are lots of ways to pursue your passions and grow outside the classroom.

Campus Life Curriculum
NMH’s campus life curriculum recognizes that education isn't limited to the academic realm, with learning opportunities that connect across all aspects of your life as a student. 

Advanced Program
Our Advanced Program goes beyond APs, with immersive, college-level classes in which you’ll apply what you learn to real-world situations. 

NMH Summer
The NMH Summer program is a chance to move ahead academically, meet students from around the world, and explore new interests.