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We didn’t invent the love of learning. Just harnessed it. NMH’s challenging curriculum, small classes, expert teachers, and collaborative spirit help curiosity take root. 

Rigorous College-Prep Academics

NMH classes — what we teach and how we teach them — offer you breadth and depth. To get a sense of being in an NMH classroom, check out our series of “In Class” stories.

Intellectual Deep Dives

At NMH, we do things differently. With our distinctive College-Model Academic Program (CMAP), each class lasts longer than in most high schools. There’s more time for deeper discussions, hands-on work, and collaborative projects. Our faculty say that teaching 70-minute classes is “an intellectual game changer.”

And you take more core academic courses in a year than at other schools: three full-year-equivalent courses each semester, which adds up to six for the whole school year. It’s more like college. 

And whatever the course, whether it’s STEM Physics, World Literature, or Comparative Politics, you’ll get to know the subject inside and out. 

A Wealth of College-Prep Courses

With more than 194 academic courses to choose from, you’ll discover that learning is exciting.

In 2019–2020 NMH launched the NMH Advanced Program, a robust and relevant curriculum. These advanced courses will replace AP offerings beginning in 2022–2023. There are advanced-level and honors-course options in every department.

And you’ll get drawn into the unexpected and intriguing course offerings such as Introduction to Robotics, Global Ethics and Climate Change, The Evolution of Hip-Hop and Its Role in Documenting Social Commentary, Playwriting, Stop-Motion Animation, and Modern Hispanic Culture.

To view the current course list, click on the viewer below. Or use the navigation on the left for more information about NMH’s curriculum.

Small Classes

Small classes yield big conversations. NMH’s average class size — roughly 11 students — makes room for meaningful debates, lots of questions, and in-depth discussions. Our faculty members teach between 25 and 30 students in a typical semester, so they have more time and attention to share. 

Excellent Teachers

Our highly credentialed teachers help students learn to think for fun. Indulge your curiosity. Collaborate to innovate. Appreciate learning as a life skill. Yes, classes are tough. Teachers push their students to reach further. But that’s a good thing — because the adults at NMH are among the most inspiring and knowledgeable people you’ll ever meet.

Collaborative Learning

In NMH classrooms, we encourage collaboration and mutual support. We’ve created a community where students want to build each other up, not tear each other down. More peers, less pressure.
The one thing we know about the future is that people will need to work together. NMH is the kind of diverse, dynamic community where you will learn to do exactly that.