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College Counseling

Note: College admission representatives can now go to to schedule an appointment with Northfield Mount Hermon.

NMH School Profile

Portrait of Peter Jenkins, the director of College Counseling

Welcome. I am Peter Jenkins, the director of College Counseling at Northfield Mount Hermon. I am also an English teacher and a former crew coach. My colleagues and I are involved in school life on multiple levels: as college counselors, yes, but also as teachers, coaches, advisors, and dorm parents. Your college counselor might be your dorm head or your lacrosse coach—or both! We already know that you like to run laps but hate to make your bed. We know you and we can find the colleges that fit you best.

The college counselors at NMH are familiar with an impressively wide variety of colleges and universities. We have to be. Because of our students’ diverse backgrounds and interests, it is not enough to have stock answers. We know the Ivies and we know the truly excellent state universities. We know the big-name schools and the hidden gems. We know the conservatories and the art institutes. We know traditional liberal arts colleges and we know the schools that offer both gymnastics and Arabic studies—or whatever combination of programs you are looking for.

We also help colleges get to know NMH. Our work takes us to college campuses to connect with admission officers, coaches, and professors. We bring more than 100 college representatives to our campus each year to help them more fully understand NMH. They get our school, and that helps them get you.

The college process is complex and demanding. We understand the challenges and have lots of tools to help you manage the search process and the application itself (see links below). You and your parents can use the links on our website to track your applications. 

In the end, roughly two-thirds of NMH graduates report that they have gained admission to their first- or second-choice college. They also report that, once they are there, they are extremely well-prepared. Our graduates know how to handle demanding academics. They know how to engage in a residential community. They know how to compete and how to cooperate. Yes, NMH is a college “prep” school, but our goal is not just to get you in. We want to prepare you to succeed when you get there. And you will.