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College Model Academic Program

An Enhanced Educational Experience

NMH’s distinctive College-Model Academic Program (CMAP) embraces the best parts of college to provide you with more opportunities for discovery and collaboration and richer relationships with teachers. It’s an academic culture that prioritizes participatory, experiential learning; thoughtful exploration; and multi-disciplinary connections.

Our faculty call CMAP “an intellectual game changer." 

To truly prepare for college, you need to experience deep-dive learning while honing important lifelong skills – active listening, critical inquiry, creative innovation, self-discovery, humanity, connection, and collaboration.

CMAP helps teachers provide the richest possible educational experience, while giving you a glimpse of what college will look like and the support needed to navigate learning and self discovery.

Explore a typical Monday:

NMH students can dive deeper into subject matter, have greater access to teacher feedback and support, experience international travel within the curriculum, and combine two years of study on a subject into a single year. 


CMAP schedule example
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Longer Class Periods

In a 70-minute class, you can deeply immerse yourself in a subject – and teachers can employ a variety of learning techniques: small- and large-group work, class discussions, debates, peer review, lab work, hands-on projects, application of theories, and more.  

Focused Homework

You'll devote your 150-270 minutes of homework time to just three core courses, which allows you the opportunity to deeply explore each subject. 

Six Core Academic
Courses Per Year

While most public and private schools offer five core academic classes per year, at NMH, you'll take three full-year equivalents in a semester, covering specific areas of math, English, science, history, and world languages.

More Student-Teacher Access

NMH faculty members teach an average of 30 students each semester, so they know each student and can better meet their needs. In turn, you'll have greater access to your teachers for feedback and support. 

Double the Learning

At NMH, two years of a subject can be covered in one academic year. For example, you can take Algebra II in the first semester, and Precalculus in the second; or French III in the first semester, and French IV in the second. 

More Arts Options

You'll be able to take part in performing and visual arts experiences during the academic day, providing more opportunities for creative exploration.

Choose Your Path

What's Your Passion?

CMAP lets you put together a schedule that allows you to pursue your interests, in and outside the classroom.


Kristin's dream is to become a translator for the United Nations.

See what her schedule would look like over four years at NMH based on our CMAP program.

9th Fall Spring
1 Hum I English Hum I Religious Studies & Philosophy
2 Honors Algebra II Physics
3 Arts Foundation: Performing Arts Spanish I
+ Acting I Model UN
+ Hip Hop Dance for Athletes Ninth-Grade Health
10th Fall Spring
1 Hum II World History Hum II World Religions
2 Precalculus Biology
3 World Literature Spanish II
+ Diversity and Social Justice Concert Choir
11th Fall Spring
1 Discrete Math and Python Honors Spanish III
2 U.S. History Biology
3 American Literature Evolution of Hip Hop
+ Film Acapella Group
12th Fall Spring
1 Senior English: The Bible Intensive Studio Art
2 US Gov/Civil Liberties Spanish IV
3 Video as Visual Art I Advanced Studies in Spanish
+ Ceramics I Acapella Group

Oma has been able to pursue advanced math and science courses while also delving into her interest in the arts.

See what her schedule would look like over four years at NMH based on our CMAP program.

9th Fall Spring
1 Hum I English Algebra II
2 Hum I Religious Studies Honors Physics
3 French I Arts Foundation: Visual Arts
+ Stagecraft I Drawing and Composition I
+   Ninth-Grade Health
10th Fall Spring
1 Hum II World History World Literature
2 Precalculus Hum II World Religion
3 Honors French II Honors Biology
+ Diversity and Social Justice Exploring Watercolor
11th Fall Spring
1 AP Computer Science American Literature
2 AP Calculus AB AP U.S. History
3 Honors French III Honors Chemistry
+ Acapella Group Graphic Design
12th Fall Spring
1 Senior English: Coming of Age Advanced Topics in Economics
2 Psychology Advanced Drawing and Painting
3 Advanced Statistics French IV: Service Learning
+ Acapella Group Mandala: Arts Magazine


Alex's wide range of interests include the humanities, social entrepreneurship, and multimedia storytelling.

See what his schedule would look like over four years at NMH based on our CMAP program.

9th Fall Spring
1 Hum I English Hum I Religious Studies & Philosophy
2 Geometry Physics
3 Arts Foundation: Visual Arts Advanced Spanish I
+ Acting I Concert Choir
+ Ninth-Grade Health  
10th Fall Spring
1 Algebra II Hum II World Religions
2 Hum II World History Biology
3 World Literature Theater Production I
+ Diversity and Social Justice Spanish II
+ Engagement Leader Newspaper
11th Fall Spring
1 American Literature Precalculus
2 AP U.S. History Honors Chemistry
3 Social Entrepreneurship Science of Farming
+ Acapella Group Spanish III
+   Newspaper
12th Fall Spring
1 Senior English: Multimedia Storytelling Calculus
2 Foreign Policy Ethics
3 Advanced Psychology Advanced Environmental Science
+ Social Entrepreneurship II Spanish IV: Service Learning

Acapella Group

Radio DJ


In this balanced learning environment, you'll be encouraged to embrace and engage your full self and explore your interests. It’s how we ensure that the heads, hearts, and hands of all NMH students are equipped for the next phases of their academic lives.