Center for Academic Strategies and Achievement

The mission of the Center for Academic Strategies and Achievement (CASA) is to nurture self-knowledge, self-advocacy, and self-efficacy in order to increase academic confidence and efficiency. Students work with an academic coach in a one-to-one setting for 60 minutes per week, free of charge.

CASA’s academic coaching model revolves around strategy instruction to boost test preparation, note taking, reading comprehension, and written expression; particular attention is paid to executive skills including time management, organization, and goal setting. Through this work, CASA helps students understand better how they learn and what they need in order to be more efficient, successful scholars.  For more information or to make a self-referral, interested students should contact CASA director, Margaret van Baaren.

For subject-specific help, students are encouraged to meet with their teacher for extra help and attend the writing, math, and/or science help centers which are opened in the evenings during study hall. If a student needs support beyond this, a subject-specific tutor can be put in place for a cost. Students can access the tutor lists through their advisor.