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Center for Academic Strategies and Achievement (CASA)

Find the support you need at the Center for Academic Strategies and Achievement.

At the Center for Academic Strategies and Achievement (CASA), we offer academic coaching that will nurture your self-awareness, self-efficacy, self-advocacy, and self-agency — and increase your academic confidence and efficiency. 

CASA emphasizes improving executive skills such as time management, organization, and goal setting, along with helping you develop study strategies. As you gain a better understanding of how you learn and create systems to help improve your focus and efforts, you’ll find yourself thriving academically.

We offer several kinds of programs to fit your individual needs: In CASA tutorials, students meet weekly with an academic coach for a one-on-one hourly session. In a CASA Lab, small groups of students work with an academic coach for twice-weekly two-hour sessions. For subject-specific content, you can take advantage of help sessions for writing, math, and science held during study hall, and set up meetings with your teachers.

CASA services are available to all students. CASA also provides equal access to the school’s programs by making reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with documented learning differences.