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Whether you’re a seasoned scene stealer or prefer to paint the scenery, there’s a place for you in NMH’s lively theater community. 

At NMH, we view the theater as a place where we connect as a community to be entertained, challenged, and transformed. 

NMH’s theater program offers courses in acting, directing, playwriting, set design, and stage management that teach you key tenets, vocabulary, and techniques — and how to bring them alive on stage. 

Our cocurricular production season includes dramatic works from a wide variety of periods, styles, and world views. With works ranging from classical and modern playwrights such as Shakespeare, Sophocles, Samuel Beckett, and Tom Stoppard, to  contemporary drama and comedy from playwrights like José Rivera and Sarah Ruhl, our production season allows you to engage with and explore diverse theater as performers and crew members. Throw in some big, splashy musicals and a selection of student-written and -directed one-acts, and you'll have an idea of the range of our theater productions.

Our teachers infuse their love of theater with their desire to build a supportive and creative community. You’ll find real satisfaction in ensemble work and collaboration, whether you’re playing Juliet or running the lights. 

Many of our graduates pursue their theatrical interests in conservatory and liberal arts programs and, later, in careers in the spotlight. Whatever path you take, you’ll leave NMH with a lifelong appreciation for the dramatic arts.

Explore theater courses in the Curriculum Guide.