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Whether you prefer jazz or chamber music, play trumpet or sing, you’ll find harmony in our music program.

Music opportunities in NMH's arts program offer a compelling mix of topics and instruments. You can study the history of jazz, or compare Bach and Beethoven. You can learn how to use a mixing board or study the evolution of hip-hop and its impact on culture. Improve your vocal technique, or pick up the piano, cello, or French horn. Some courses involve performing; in others you'll write papers about how music and religion have influenced each other, or compare the styles, instruments, and cultural contexts of world music. In all of them, you'll think, discuss, and listen, listen, listen.

Of course, performance is central to music, which is why you can participate in such a wide range of ensemble groups. If you’re more of a beginner, you’ll focus on having fun learning to play together. At advanced levels, you'll fine-tune your technique and musicality while harmonizing with equally devoted fellow musicians. 

Our ensemble groups perform on campus and around the world. In addition to winning many awards, our performers have been broadcast nationally on National Public Radio’s "From the Top." Our annual Christmas Vespers and Sacred Concert are long-standing NMH traditions. 

Our teachers are active composers and performers and offer a wide variety of private study options. Whether you make music with your voice or your instrument, prefer the beat or the melody, you'll find our program welcoming and enriching. 

Explore music courses in the Curriculum Guide.