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At NMH, we nurture creative expression and exploration.

At NMH, your opportunity to engage in the arts is expansive. In the performing arts, we offer courses and cocurricular opportunities in dance, music, and theater. Visual arts offerings include painting, drawing, ceramics, digital design, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and video.

We emphasize the creative process as much as the final product or production. Our experienced teachers are invested in deepening your understanding of form and context while helping you acquire critical-thinking abilities. They’re also skilled in uncovering and refining your talent and expression. 

We’re well equipped to provide the tools, techniques, and training for you to develop fresh interpretations and captivating performances. Our Rhodes Arts Center offers stunning performance spaces as well as practice rooms, classrooms, and visual art studios. It’s an inspirational environment designed to get your creative juices flowing. And our College-Model Academic Program (CMAP) allows you to dive into making art without sacrificing other areas of study or activities.

Art offers us new ways of perceiving the world and thinking about ourselves and others. As you nurture your understanding and skills in a wide range of artistic ventures, you’ll prepare for a lifetime of arts participation and appreciation. 

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