Courses for Academic Credit

Courses for academic credit are primary academic courses with a significant homework component. They are scheduled in periods lasting from 75 to 125 minutes, depending on the course. Full-credit courses are yearlong equivalents that meet within a semester model, while half-credit courses are the equivalent of a half-year of study. Students take either three full-credit or two full-credit and two half-credit courses each semester for a total of six credits per year.

Cocurricular and Extracurricular Options

The cocurricular requirement supports student involvement beyond the challenges of their major academic courses. There are five broad categories of activities: athletics and outdoor education, performing and visual arts activities, outreach activities, significant school leadership opportunities, and activities that represent the school.

College Model Academic Program (CMAP)

The NMH College Model Academic Program (CMAP) not only helps teachers provide the richest possible educational experience, it also gives you a glimpse of what college will look like. By taking three major courses each semester, you'll spend more time in class with your teachers, which allows for deeper discussion and hands-on projects and increases your understanding of the course material.