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Sustainability in the Curriculum

Teacher and students work in greenhouse

NMH’s academic sustainability courses ground students in a deeper understanding of their role in at least two of the three elements of a sustainable system — social well-being, economic prosperity, and environmental health.

Sustainability-Focused Courses

Our sustainability courses empower students to become more informed and conscientious global citizens of a changing world. There is no requirement to be met — only an opportunity. NMH strives to make sustainability accessible to all students at all levels of study through these courses, as well as through the collaborative curriculum project (which brings campus operations into classroom study), the annual cross-curricular food systems teach-in, and many other individual classroom projects.

Our Living Laboratory: Campus Operations in the Classroom

Each year, NMH sponsors a collaborative curriculum project. Developed jointly by a teacher and a member of the operational staff, each project offers students an opportunity to see classroom theory embedded in the practice of campus operations and gives them a deeper understanding of the systems that sustain us.

The project started as a collaborative effort between the institutions of the Eight Schools Association and was funded by an E. E. Ford Foundation grant. Recent projects are listed below.

Your Turn!

Sustainability Research Questions for You to Explore