NMH Mission

Education for the Head, Heart, and Hand

Northfield Mount Hermon engages the intellect, compassion, and talents of our students, empowering them to act with humanity and purpose.

The NMH Board of Trustees developed and approved this mission statement in 2009. Board members, along with students, faculty, and staff, also look to a set of core values for guidance and inspiration: excellence, respect, integrity, persistence, creativity, and teamwork.

These fundamental values are manifested in our community through:

  • A teaching and learning culture that helps students become versatile problem-solvers, compassionate thinkers, and effective communicators.
  • An innovative academic curriculum that offers choice and challenge.
  • Vibrant, engaging, and expansive co-curricular programming.
  • Transformative responsibilities and experiences, including the work program, social-justice programs, global study, and sustainability initiatives.
  • An opportunity for and encouragement of spiritual development through religious traditions, exploration of the human experience, and appreciation of the natural world.
  • The expectation and practice of egalitarian ideals, especially honesty, civility, hopefulness, curiosity, and tenacity.
  • A commitment to cultivate a community of individuals who are willing and able to be meaningful contributors rather than mere consumers.
  • Embracing diversity in all its forms and challenging attitudes in conflict with genuine multiculturalism, equity, and social justice.