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NMH Mission

Northfield Mount Hermon educates the head, heart, and hands of our students. We engage their intellect, compassion, and talents, empowering them to act with humanity and purpose.


NMH Values

Inclusivity: We seek to create a culture where all members feel they belong and where everyone is welcomed, respected, accepted, and supported. We embrace the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas our community members bring and ask that students aspire to develop their unique selves and talents. Because we value such a learning environment, our students are better equipped to empathize, listen, serve, and lead. 

Learning for Life: Education for the head, heart, and hands inspires learning for life. We challenge each other to be curious, to think critically, to recognize and challenge biases, and to pursue the best version of ourselves. We expect each member of the community to respect others, engage with differing worldviews, gain cultural literacies, and to think and act as a force for good. 

Service: We model and celebrate the ideal that learning and growth requires genuine service to others. Service demands respect, compassion, and empathy. As students develop these capacities, they gain a deeper understanding of how individual and collective efforts – service and leadership – can transform communities and change the world.


Creating an Innovative, Compassionate School Culture

Every day, we embrace NMH students for who they are today and we challenge them to do more tomorrow. 

On our coed, private prep school campus, creativity and intellectual curiosity flourish. Hard work is rewarded. And students graduate understanding the importance of their contributions, both in their own communities and out in the larger world. 

In short, an NMH education lays the foundation for a purposeful life.


Living Our Mission

Education for the Head, Heart, and Hand

NMH has a holistic teaching and learning culture that helps students become hands-on problem solvers, compassionate thinkers, and effective communicators. We think of it as education for the head, heart, and hand.

Rigorous College-Prep Academics

Our innovative academic curriculum offers a wide range of more than 200 courses to choose from, the support of excellent teachers, and unlimited intellectual challenge.

Explore and Enjoy

It’s not all work at NMH. There’s also fun, thanks to our extensive roster of dynamic student life activities and volunteer opportunities.

Room to Grow

Students leave NMH with new knowledge and skills, and much more. Transformative experiences and responsibilities include the work program, social justice programs, global study journeys, and sustainability projects.

Discover New Ways of Thinking

NMH provides opportunities for and encouragement of spiritual development through exploring religious traditions, the varied experiences of the diverse student community, and the natural world surrounding our Massachusetts campus.

Core Values

Students, faculty, and staff at NMH look to a set of core values for guidance and inspiration: excellence, respect, integrity, persistence, creativity, and teamwork. We practice egalitarian ideals, especially honesty, civility, hopefulness, curiosity, and tenacity.

Learn, Then Act

NMH has cultivated a community of individuals who are willing and able to be meaningful contributors rather than mere consumers. That’s the “act with humanity and purpose” part of our mission statement. 

We’re All in This Together

The NMH community embraces diversity in all its forms. We challenge attitudes that are in conflict with genuine multiculturalism, equity, and social justice.