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Celebrate the winter holidays through this special, candlelit event.

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“The Greatest Gift” by Shonda English is a song steeped in the gospel music tradition of tertian harmony. It tells the Christmas story from a Christian perspective and underscores values associated with love, peace, and understanding.



NMH Vespers has combined choral and orchestral music, carols, and readings since the 1930s. On campus, Vespers is held in a candlelit Memorial Chapel. This event is a lovely showcase of students' musical skills as well as a moving celebration of the winter holiday season. Vespers is held off campus as well, alternating between Boston and New York City each year.

See photos and from Vespers 2022.

NMH girls in choir robes singing during Vespers 1971

Vespers 1971

NMH students performing in Memorial Chapel during 2019 Vespers

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