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Rope Pull

You’ll laugh, you’ll pull, you’ll probably fall in. 

Every spring, juniors and seniors, their faces painted and brimming with class pride, line up on either end of Shadow Lake, take a hold of one end of a thick length of rope, and tug with all their might.

One class is the victor, but plenty of students from both sides have taken a jump in the lake in the past. Rope Pull has been around since 1884 and has been held at Shadow Lake since 1926. (Spoiler alert: The seniors usually win.)

NMH senior boys at the front of the line for the annual Rope Pull
NMH students in 1996 during the traditional Rope Pull event between seniors and juniors

Rope Pull 1996

Happy NMH students pulled into Shadow Lake during Rope Pull 1970

In the lake, 1970