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Founder's Day

Every year in early February, NMH celebrates "Founder's Day" to honor its founder, D.L. Moody (born Feb. 5, 1837).

Bronze bust of NMH founder D.L. Moody in Memorial Chapel

A special all-school meeting is held in Memorial Chapel featuring a keynote address by a faculty member who reflects on Moody’s life and legacy. Students also give speeches and perform music. It’s a day when we set aside time to focus on the values of service and leadership that were important to our school founder — and how we carry on those values at NMH today.

In 2023, NMH expanded the celebration by launching “Founder’s Week,” with fun activities to brighten up the winter, including “rock, paper, scissors” and lip sync competitions and a dessert night for seniors and postgraduates. On the evening before Founder’s Day, students fanned out around campus to decorate trees and bushes with white winter lights to brighten up campus at night.