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Student Prizes Awarded

Student Prizes Awarded

As the 2023-24 academic year comes to an end, Northfield Mount Hermon recognized 9th-, 10th-, and 11th-grade students for their academic achievements, service, and contributions to the community. 

This year's honorees:

The Alice B. and John E. Baldwin Award 
for excellence in English is presented to a student who has demonstrated outstanding  ability in scholarship and criticism, who has read widely and well, and who, like  Chaucer’s clerk from Oxford, doth “gladly lerne.” 
Xiao Xuan Wu ’25 

The Anne Walline Service Prize 
was established in 1995 by Mrs. Mario Dicesare in memory of her Northfield friend and roommate, Anne Walline of the Class of 1951. It is given to the 9th- to 11th-grade students whose volunteer work in the community brings help and humor into the lives of others.
Allen Chen ’26 

The Award in Chinese 
is given to a student who has developed a deep interest in the language and culture and has worked with patience and consistency. 
Henry Castillo ’25 

The Award in Spanish 
is awarded to the student who has shown high academic promise in the study of Spanish.
Hezhen Tian ’25 

The Barbara E. Southard Prize in Religious Studies 
was established to honor Ms. Southard, former chair of religious studies, for her visionary leadership, creative teaching, and sensitivity to the inner life of the spirit. The prize is awarded to a 10th-grader who has excelled in introductory religious studies courses,  displaying an openness to the spiritual reality of human life. 
Lang Ming ’26 

The Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award 
was first given at Mount Hermon in 1945 and is awarded to a member of the 11th-grade  class who has done outstanding work in science while engaged in a rigorous program including science and mathematics. 
Kyan Oakley ’25

The Brown University Book Award 
is awarded to an outstanding 11th-grader who best combines academic excellence with clarity in written and spoken expression. 
Yoona Jung ’25 

The Bryn Mawr College President’s Book Award 
is presented to an outstanding 11th-grader who exhibits an intense intellectual commitment,  has a self-directed and purposeful vision of life, and has a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world. 
Fiona Cutchins ’25 

The C. Russell Bragg History Prize 
is awarded to a student whose distinguished and sustained effort in the study of U.S. history emulates the responsible social commitment of Charles Russell Bragg and his dedication to the knowledge of the past and its application to the present and the future.
Soren Anderson-Flynn ’25 

The Campus Life Special Recognition 
is given annually to 11th-graders who have demonstrated outstanding citizenship and character and who have made notable contributions to campus life that further Northfield  Mount Hermon’s mission of acting with humanity and purpose. 
Wyatt Amos ’25 

Sacharis Lipton-Ferguson ’25 
Jasper Neff ’25 
Zachary Wells ’25 

The Canterbury Chemistry Prize 
was established in memory of Nathan D. Canterbury, Class of 1915, and is given to honor that student who has shown general excellence in the field of chemistry. 
Magdalene Provencal ’25 

The Colonel Walter Scott Prize in First-Year Algebra 1 
is awarded for excellence in Algebra 1. 
Tad Coleman ’27 

The Colonel Walter Scott Prize in Precalculus 
is awarded to those students who have demonstrated superior work in the elective courses.
Xiao Xuan Wu ’25 

The Colonel Walter Scott Prizes in Advanced Calculus 
are awarded to those students who have demonstrated superior work in the elective courses.
Yuhan Sun ’26 

The Columbia University Book Award 
recognizes an 11th-grader who is an intellectual and social leader striving to make informed choices that will prepare them for the challenges and possibilities of the future.
Unandi Lungu ’25 

The Dartmouth Club Book Award 
is given on behalf of the local Dartmouth alumni to an 11th-grader who ranks in the top 10%  of their class and has demonstrated intellectual leadership, who has made a positive contribution to the extracurricular life of their school, and who demonstrates a sense of adventure and love of the outdoors. 
Amida Vongvasin ’25 

The Douglas A. Jones Award 
established in 1983 and given by the Class of 1955, honors the memory of the founder of the school’s art department. It is awarded for excellence in the two-dimensional arts.
Leyi Su ’25 

The Elizabeth Leyden ’22 Music Award 
is given to students, selected by vote of the music program faculty, who have made outstanding contributions to the choral or instrumental ensembles. 
Keona Burch ’25 
Fiona Cutchins ’25 

The Florence Flagg Award in Advanced Biology 
was established by the Mount Hermon Class of 1896 in memory of their class teacher,  Florence Flagg, and is given for excellence in the biological sciences. 
Keona Burch ’25 

The Florence Flagg Award in Life Sciences 
was established by the Mount Hermon Class of 1896 in memory of their class teacher,  Florence Flagg, and is given for excellence in the life sciences. 
Soren Anderson-Flynn ’25 

The Good Samaritan Award 
is presented to an 11th-grader who has demonstrated noteworthy qualities of care, affection,  and service to others. The award is provided by alumni and friends to honor the memory of the Rev. Herbert S. Craig and to encourage all good Samaritans. 
Rachel Huynh ’25 

The Gregory Dean Legon Memorial Scholar Award 
was established to honor an 11th-grader recognized for outstanding qualities of scholarship and citizenship. 
Sophie Cohen ’25 

The Harvard Book Prize 
is presented on behalf of the Harvard-Radcliffe Club of Boston to an 11th-grader who displays excellence and high character in addition to achievement in other fields.
Katalin Mazansky ’25 

The Henry F. Cutler Scholar Award 
was established in 1949 by the Mount Hermon Alumni Association in honor of Dr. Henry  F. Cutler, head of school from 1890 to 1932. It is awarded annually to an 11th-grader who has maintained a high level of academic achievement, has combined superior ability with corresponding seriousness of purpose and eagerness to learn, has been a positive-minded and contributing citizen, and has indicated a deep social consciousness and interest in human welfare. 
Henry Castillo ’25 

The Henry R. Huntting Literary Prize 
is awarded for outstanding talent and effort in writing. 
Ariana Peterson-Ismail ’25 

The Hugh Findlay Prize for Excellence in 10th-Grade English 
is awarded annually to a 10th-grader who demonstrates excellence in English class.
Anna Lazorina ’26 

The Judson R. Stent Prize in Religious Studies 
was established in honor of Judson R. Stent, a teacher in the department of religious studies for over 35 years. The prize is awarded to a 9th-grader who has done superior work in introductory religious studies and who has demonstrated an attitude of sensitivity to the religious dimension of human life. 
Junsang Ryu ’27 

The Lynne E. Pyeatt Humanities Award 
was created by the Pyeatt family to honor the memory of their daughter, Lynn ’74, and honors outstanding work in 10th-grade humanities. 
Anna Lazorina ’26 

The Margaret and Howard Jones Award 
is given to that international student who has made outstanding contributions to the quality of life at Northfield Mount Hermon. 
Yu Hei Cheung ’25 

The Marie Hood Award 
is presented to a student who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of dramatics. The award was created in 1967 by Mrs. J. Don Volante in memory of her mother, Mrs. Marie  Hood Irvine, who was a student here in 1900. It consists of a book for the recipient and, for the library, a similar book that bears the recipient’s name as well as that of Marie Hood.
Xiaomier Wang ’25 

The Mary Davis Dining Service Prize 
is awarded to those students whose work for the Northfield Mount Hermon dining services has been characterized by diligence and efficiency. 
Zahra Saidi ’26 
Adam Stetson ’25 
Nina Lobo Tomiatti ’27 

The Mary Ellen Peller Award 
is awarded to a 9th- to 11th-grade student who has displayed generous spirit and great patience in working with and helping other students and who possesses a sense of optimism and wonder at the field of mathematics that serves as an inspiration to peers.
Ineva Lehnerd-Reilly ’27 

The McBurney Work Hour Prize 
was established in 1909 by W. R. Stockwell in memory of Mount Hermon graduates Robert  McBurney and R. M. Stockwell. It is awarded for reliability, industry, and thoroughness on the work hour. 
Nathaniel Johnston ’25 
Tianxin Song ’26 
Mia Soriano ’27 

The NMH Dance Prize 
is awarded to a student who demonstrates technical excellence, creativity, and leadership in dance. 
Laila Williams ’26 

The Orchestral Prize 
recognizes the 9th- to 11th-grade student who has demonstrated leadership and a high level of musical ability and who has contributed to the orchestral program. 
Christie Wang ’25 

The Peter Leyden Jr. Memorial Award in Physical Education 
are awarded to students in the 9th-, 10th-, and 11th-grade classes whose exceptional spirit,  attitude, effort, and achievement have contributed greatly to the physical education and athletic programs. 
Ryan Choi ’25 
Niamh Cummings ’27 
Grace Cummiskey ’25 
Olivia Fleming ’26 
Colby Houle ’27 
James Wareham ’26 

The Peterson Memorial Prize for Advanced Chemistry 
was established by professor William H. Peterson, Class of 1903, and is given for general excellence in the study of chemistry and for writing a paper of high caliber in that field.
Kennard Liong ’25 

The Prize for Excellence in American Literature 
is awarded annually to an 11th-grader who demonstrates excellence in English class.
Sooan Kim ’25 

The Prize in 3-Dimensional Art 
is awarded for excellence in 3-dimensional art. 
Zachary Wells ’25 

The Prize in Latin 
is awarded to the student who has shown high academic promise in the study of Latin.
Christie Wang ’25 

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal 
is awarded annually to that 11th-grader who has earned the highest combined average in mathematics and science and has demonstrated an interest in pursuing science in higher education. 
Claire Takeuchi ’25 

The Rodolphe Weber Award in French 
is awarded to a student in French who has achieved a high degree of overall proficiency in the French language. 
Eliza Jessen ’26 

The Smith College Book Prize 
is given by members of the Franklin County Smith Club. It honors an 11th-grader whose intellectual curiosity, leadership, and concern for others reflect the standards of excellence shared by graduates of Smith. 
Isabelle Eaton-Neubert ’25 

The Thomas Donovan Prize for Excellence in 9th-Grade English 
was endowed by S. Prestley Blake, Class of 1934, who remembered Thomas Donovan as an effective and admired teacher. It is awarded to the 9th-grader who has demonstrated progress, alertness, and perseverance throughout the course. 
Ineva Lehnerd-Reilly ’27 

The Wilbur E. Lynde Prize in Physics 
was established by the Lynde family and is awarded annually. 
Jing Yao Yang ’27 

The William A. Knipe International Programs Award 
was established in 1994 in recognition of Mr. Knipe’s respect for cultural diversity. It is presented to a participant in an international program who has developed greater global awareness through demonstrated and caring involvement. 
Patience Beasley ’25



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