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On the Air: WNMH Continues the Long Tradition of Radio on Campus

On the Air: WNMH Continues the Long Tradition of Radio on Campus

By Sarah Olson ’26. Photos by Aurora Song '26.

Radio has been at NMH since the 1960s, and it has always been a special space for many students. 

student at the microphone in the WNMH studio

Students who are involved with the station, called WNMH, get a two-hour time slot each week to talk and play music for anyone listening to hear. It’s stationed in the basement of Crossley dorm, in a room with a radio board connected to a computer that broadcasts to an online streaming platform that anyone in the world can tune into. There’s also the Student Board of Directors, which is the leadership of the station. The Student Board answers questions, creates events, and guides the vision of the studio. Megan Latimer advises the cocurricular, and she says the radio is an amazing space because “it brings a special feeling knowing that people are here because they love music.” 

The radio connects the NMH community by having shows by faculty and students. Students can join by emailing Latimer, and it counts as a Co-Curricular credit. Jim Overton, who works in the dining hall as the assistant manager, has a punk rock show. Peter Weis, who works in the library as the archivist, has a show about the archives. Andrew Lippman, who works in IT, helps with the equipment and is the station's engineer. Students like Ava Reitz-Bouren ‘25, Wyatt Amos ‘25, and many more have radio shows.

The experience gained from being in the co-curricular involves learning the technical aspects of the radio board, gaining public speaking skills, and the ability to multitask all that while playing the music you choose. Latimer says, “It definitely helps students gain more confidence because they’re preparing a live show for listeners.” She says it helps students with public speaking because they’re broadcasting and producing a show on air. The equipment is also a huge part of being in the cocurricular: Students learn how to use the radio board using individual channels and levels for microphones, physical media, and laptops, and how to troubleshoot all those aspects. There are a lot of unique experiences that can only be found in the radio station. 

“From the Archives” is Weis' show about NMH history and music he likes. He has had a show for around eleven years and says, “I just have a lot of fun with it.” His show used to be all vinyl records that he would have to haul around campus, but now he does everything from the station's computer. He tunes in to student shows whenever he has a moment, and he genuinely enjoys being part of the station. 

close up of headphone and soundboard in the WNMH studio

Amos has been on the station’s board of directors since sophomore year. He loves playing music and sharing it on the radio. Being part of the board is a leadership position and also a learning experience. He says, “It's a really cool space and environment to be in.” 

Reitz-Bouren agrees, saying, “It’s just a lot of fun — definitely one of my favorite times of the week.” Reitz-Bouren and Amos have a show together where they play music they like, talk, and have fun. Students play an eclectic mix of music, from current music to oldies.

The radio station is a place where students can be themselves and express themselves through music and talk. Latimer says, “When you’re listening to the radio, and you hear your favorite song that you haven't heard or thought of in so long, there is this special moment that happens.”

Top photo: WNMH DJ Alex Baron '26 during his Sunday afternoon show.

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