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NMH Celebrates Fall Athletes

NMH Celebrates Fall Athletes

Nov. 16, 2022 —  Being part of a sports team at NMH is about more than just wins and losses — it’s about creating an environment where teammates support one another in good times and bad. 

NMH student Racquel Provost speaks at a podium in Alumni Hall during the fall athletics banquet.

That was field hockey player Racquel Provost’s message during her keynote speech at the NMH Fall Athletics Banquet, held on Nov. 11 in Alumni Hall. The banquet marked the end of the fall sports season and celebrated student-athletes and teams.

NMH Fall Athletics Banquet.

Provost, a senior who has played a varsity sport every season during her three years at NMH, said she has a deep passion for athletics, and coming to NMH has been an incredible opportunity to pursue that passion alongside academic interests.

“If you know me at all, you have seen me chasing down a ball out on the turf playing the sport I love, dribbling down the court in the winter seasons, and running around the softball diamond in the spring,” she said. “At NMH, I have received an inspiring education where I have been pushed to open my mind to new ideas and new thoughts while at the same time work at showcasing my athletic skills out on the field.”

Provost said her teammates, coaches, and friends were there to support her when she suffered an injury during a recent game that prevented her from finishing the fall field hockey season.

NMH Fall Athletics Banquet

“Always remember to take that extra moment to listen to a friend, or stop to pick up a teammate, or an opposing competitor, off the ground,” she said. “Always show your best self, and make the extra effort to be there for someone else.” See photos of the banquet.

Here are the fall 2022 coaches’ awards recipients:

NMH Boys’ 3rds Soccer Award
Unandi Lungu ’25

NMH Girls’ Fall Novice Rowing Award
Zoe Wallace ’26

NMH Boys’ Fall Novice Award
Joshua Gold ’25

NMH Girls’ JV Soccer Award
Jessica Yan ’23

NMH Boys’ JV Soccer Award
Toby Sol ’23

NMH Girls’ JV Cross Country Award
Mohavi Thakur ’24

NMH Boys’ JV Cross Country Award
Nathan Wood ’23

NMH JV Field Hockey Award
Sophie Richards ’23

NMH Girls’ JV Volleyball Award
Tory Tran ’23

NMH Girls’ Varsity Soccer Award
Grace Harvey ’23

NMH Boys’ Varsity Soccer Award
Dennis Penny Lopez ’24

NMH Girls’ Varsity Cross Country Award
Aviva Barry ’23

NMH Boys’ Varsity Cross Country Award
Jacob Nevins ’23

NMH Girls’ Fall Varsity Rowing Award
Sofiya Shishlyakova ’24

NMH Boys’ Fall Varsity Rowing Award
Sebastian Brandt ’23

NMH Varsity Field Hockey Award
Haley McAuslin ’23

NMH Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Award
Sumire Sumi ’24

NMH Mountain Biking Award
Yuhuan Albert Xie ’23

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