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A Welcome to Students and Families from Head of School Brian H. Hargrove

Aug. 18, 2022

Dear NMH students and families,

Greetings from Northfield Mount Hermon. With just a few days left in the summer break, all our attention on campus turns to final preparations for our full community’s return. This year, our student body hails from 58 countries and 32 states. Be assured, we will be ready to welcome you to your home here on the hill with enthusiasm and hopefulness for the year ahead.

Brian H. Hargrove

At NMH, we reflect often on our highly aspirational mission. Together, we strive to act with humanity and purpose with every step. Success depends on our willingness to engage with and lean into our values – inclusivity, learning for life, and service. We know well that moments will test us and, yes, we will find ourselves in situations when our mission proves to be more aspirational than always attainable. These are the very moments that afford us all profound growth opportunities. It is one of our school’s unique strengths – our willingness to ask the difficult questions, hold ourselves to high standards, and embrace the hard work required to learn and grow.

This year, our learning theme is citizenship and service. We will consider our individual and collective responsibilities as citizens. We will ask ourselves what it means to engage deeply and meaningfully in our various communities. And we will challenge ourselves to consider the unique responsibility each of us carries to serve our communities.

To our students, know that we believe in your promise, your resolve, and your ability to make a difference here and in the world beyond. To our families, we offer our gratitude for sharing your children with us, for trusting them to our care, and for partnering with us as we strive to support all students as they seek to be their best selves. As we begin the year, let us all embrace the opportunity and hope every day brings, to seize on the joy and fun that the NMH experience offers, and to commit ourselves to the good and hard work that our mission calls us to do. 

With gratitude and joy for the year ahead,

Brian H. Hargrove
Head of School

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