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Welcome to NMH

Northfield Mount Hermon is a coeducational, secular boarding school serving 650 students in grades 9 through 12, plus a postgraduate year. NMH provides an advanced educational experience that empowers students to learn as they discover and follow their passions. Here, students find their purpose as part of an inclusive, diverse community that deepens their intellect, expands their compassion, and believes in their potential to become leaders who make the world a more equitable and just place. Northfield Mount Hermon is located on a serene, wooded 746-acre campus in Massachusetts’ Connecticut River Valley.

What will you discover?



Northfield Mount Hermon seal

Our Mission

Northfield Mount Hermon educates the head, heart, and hands of our students. We engage their intellect, compassion, and talents, empowering them to act with humanity and purpose.


At NMH, we reflect often on our highly aspirational mission. Together, we strive to act with humanity and purpose with every step. Success depends on our willingness to engage with and lean into our values – inclusivity, learning for life, and service. We know well that moments will test us and, yes, we will find ourselves in situations when our mission proves to be more aspirational than attainable. These are the very moments that afford us all profound growth opportunities. It is one of our school’s unique strengths – our willingness to ask the difficult questions, hold ourselves to high standards, and embrace the hard work required to learn and grow.

Brian H. Hargrove, Head of School


We Live Our Values

In our inclusive, global community, we empower students to learn with passion, act with humanity, and lead with intention as they develop a sense of self and service.



At Northfield Mount Hermon, we believe that we all benefit when young people are given the opportunity to discover who they are, at their core, and how they can make a positive impact with their talents.



This purposeful approach to education engages the head, heart, and hand, helping students deepen their intellect, expand their compassion, and believe in their own capacity to make a valuable difference. It’s how we develop lifelong learners prepared to serve the greater good.

We welcome you to join us.