Well. Grounded.

Northfield Mount Hermon uses the phrase “Well. Grounded.” often. Here’s why.

Each word is important.
“Well” emphasizes the importance the school assigns to students’ well-being — that they are safe, comfortable, healthy, and happy.

“Grounded” emphasizes how NMH provides more than an excellent education that is a solid preparation for college. An NMH education also instills in students a deep sense of humility, humanity, and purposeful action. It roots them in a personal foundation that allows them to be generous, thoughtful citizens in a world that will test them, especially in the uncharted decades to come.

Well. Grounded.
It’s not just a slogan. It guides life at NMH every day.

NMH’s culture is balanced and down to earth. We’ve created a safe, supportive, casual environment in which students’ creativity and ambition can flourish.

What “Well” means, day to day
• The “Partnership of 12,” a campus network of collaborative adults who engage with and care for each student
• Student life seminars, guided conversations about life issues and personal responsibility
• Comprehensive medical and counseling services, available to students 24/7
• A tight community in a beautiful, natural campus environment

How students stay “Grounded.” Every day.
• An extensive range of excellent academic courses challenges students at every level.
• The College Model Academic Program offers deeper learning, greater collaboration, and higher levels of academic mastery.
• Diversity, equity, and social justice have been priorities at NMH since its founding in 1879.
• The Center for Learning Through Action’s hands-on experiences deepen understanding and instill a sense of responsible action that benefits individuals, the community, and the world.
• Courses designed to get students pondering essential questions, starting with: Who am I? What is my place? What does it mean to be human? How, then, shall I live?
• Robust arts and athletics programs cultivate students’ creative and physical skills and teamwork.
• A secular institution that affirms spirituality and religious diversity