Commonwealth Corps

Commonwealth Corps at NMH Upward Bound

Currently recruiting new Commonwealth Corps Members for the fall of 2017. Please see details at the Employment and Service Opportunities link.

Our Upward Bound Program is a host site for Commonwealth Corps. The Commonwealth Corps is a state-funded program administered by the Massachusetts Service Alliance.

The mission of the Commonwealth Corps is to engage Massachusetts residents of all ages and backgrounds in direct service to rebuild communities and address unmet community needs.

Our members Crystal Card and Sarah Dews are making a huge difference in our program. They are providing tutoring, mentoring, academic support, college visits, community-service opportunities, college-awareness activities, homework help, and enrichment classes to our students and to students who are not able to participate in the Upward Bound Program.

They are recruiting volunteers, developing, and implementing a book donation project that will benefit the program for many years, creating materials for social media and publications, developing new recruitment materials, and increasing our capacity in many other ways. 



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