Distinctive Programs

NMH students are challenged in the classroom—that’s a given. Our teachers are experts in their fields, and our campus is a comfortable, inspirational place to live and learn—those are givens, too. But look more closely and consider what sets us apart from other schools.

College Model Academic Program (CMAP)

We have designed a schedule that gives our faculty the time and flexibility to provide the richest possible educational experience. Students take three major courses each semester, spending more time in class with teachers, which allows for more meaningful discussion and hands-on projects. Not only do students better understand course material, they also get a glimpse of what a college schedule will feel like.

International Programs

Some of NMH’s most exciting opportunities are nowhere near campus; they’re in Brazil, China, South Africa, India, Turkey, Uruguay, and New Zealand. Our philosophy is that if you study the language, history, or literature of another country, you’ll understand it much better if you actually go there. Some of our international programs are incorporated into academic-year courses; others are stand-alone trips that take place during spring break and summer. Either way, these journeys are life-changing.

Partnership of 12

Each NMH student has at least 12 adults supporting their learning and growth—it's called the Partnership of 12. Made up of classroom teachers, coaches, deans, advisors, "workjob" supervisors, and dorm parents, this constellation of adults works together to support students in their academic, social, and athletic lives at NMH.

Work Program

Our goal of educating students’ heads, hearts, and hands means we expect them to do more than show up for class and do their homework. The work program gets students involved in the actual operation of the campus, and there are dozens of different jobs to do: office work, kitchen cleanup, farm chores, or managing a sports team, among others. At NMH, everyone pitches in.

The NMH Farm

On our working farm, students can stroke the fuzzy nose of a horse, pick raspberries, or maybe milk a cow and make artisan cheese. During "sugaring" season in March, there are gallons of sap to collect and plenty of fresh maple syrup to taste-test!

Upward Bound

NMH's commitment to opportunity education began with the founding of the school. Since the 1960s, that ideal has been embodied here through the Upward Bound Program, which prepares talented low-income students for college.