Founders' Challenge 2017

Feb. 1-4, 2017
An off-centered opportunity honoring 137 years in NMH's history. We did it!

Read about the success of the 2017 Founders' Challenge.


NMH challenges our community to honor all founders connected to NMH — past, present, and future — by making a gift to the NMH Fund. 

Sam ’88 and Mariah Draper ’89 Calagione, co-founders of Dogfish Head Brewery, are the featured founders for this year’s Founders’ Challenge, which begins on Feb. 1, 2017. That’s Founder’s Day at NMH, celebrating the birthday of Dwight L. Moody, who founded the school 137 years ago, in 1879.

Living up to their company motto of bringing “off-centered goodness to off-centered people,” Sam and Mariah are challenging the NMH community to honor 137 years in the history of the school. If 1,370 people give to the NMH Fund during the challenge, Feb. 1–4, Sam and Mariah, together with the youngest NMH trustees (Warren Webster '92, Lauren Hokin '95, Tiffani Brown '96, Ryan Vineyard '98, Alex Levy '00, Justin Wai '02, and Roberta Taggart '07) will give $137,000 to the NMH Fund!

Who has given?

This giving tally will be updated on the hour throughout the Founders' Challenge.  We are still accepting and counting gifts! Final numbers will be posted on Monday, February 6. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Founder’s Day?
A: Each year on the first Wednesday in February, the NMH community celebrates the birthday of Dwight L. Moody, who founded NMH in 1879. D.L.’s birthday is actually February 5, 1837.

Q: Who are Sam and Mariah Draper Calagione?
A: Sam ’88 and Mariah Draper ’89 Calagione are the founders of Dogfish Head Brewery.

Q: What is the Founders’ Challenge and how does it work?
A: This is a participation challenge. If 1,370 people give to the NMH Fund during the Second Annual Founders’ Challenge, Feb. 1–4, Sam and Mariah together with the youngest NMH trustees will give $137,000 to the NMH Fund!

Q: Why 1,370 donors and $137,000?
NMH was founded in 1879 and the 2017 academic year marks the 137th birthday of NMH.

Q: Why “off-centered?”
A: Dogfish Head’s motto is off-centered ales for off-centered people. The 137th birthday of NMH is an “off-centered” year, and NMH, though of course incredibly well-grounded, is a bit off-centered in that it isn’t a typical boarding school.

Q: What are the requirements for this challenge?
A: Fundraising begins on Wednesday, February 1, and ends on Saturday, February 4. All gifts must be to the NMH Fund and they must be made in these 4 days. Gifts that came in already won’t count unless they were specifically marked for the challenge, so we need to encourage donors to make another, perhaps more modest gift during the challenge.

Q: What is the best way to help NMH meet this challenge?
A: Make a gift to the NMH Fund between February 1 and February 4, 2017, and tell all your NMH friends to do the same.

Q: Does the size of my gift matter?
A: No. This is a participation challenge. Gifts of all sizes are important and will help us achieve the goal. Every single gift matters.

Q: What if someone has already given to NMH this fiscal year?
A: Thank you! But, only gifts made to the NMH Fund between February 1 and February 4, 2017, will count toward the challenge.

Q: Can I give to something else? A scholarship fund or a building project?
A: No, only gifts to the NMH Fund count toward the challenge.

Q: What is the NMH Fund?
A: The NMH Fund is the school's fundraising priority. The NMH Fund supports nearly every aspect of an NMH education and enriches the intellectual, social, and personal development of every student, every day. Gifts to the NMH Fund are used to buy supplies for our science labs, uniforms for our teams, and sheet music for the orchestra. The NMH Fund even helps the school purchase produce for the dining hall.

Q: What if I already make an automatic monthly gift?
A: Thank you! However, only gifts made between February 1 and February 4, 2017 will count toward the challenge.

Q: Is my gift tax deductible?
A: All gifts to Northfield Mount Hermon are tax deductible.

Q: Will my class get credit for my gift?
A: Yes. We will add your gift to your class’s giving total.

Q: What’s a Founders’ Fest?
A: A Founders’ Fest is a party to celebrate the birthday of D.L. Moody and NMH’s entrepreneurial spirit. They are being hosted around North America by NMH trustees and school volunteers. All Founders’ Fests are free, and no RSVPs are necessary unless noted. All are welcome, including alumni, current parents, parents of alumni, and current and retired NMH employees.

Q: Where and when are the Founders’ Fest parties?
A: Founders’ Fests are taking place across North America. They all took place on Wednesday, February 1, 2017. 

Q: How can I make my gift?
A: The easiest way to give is  through our secure online server: The NMH Fund

Q: Is there a celebration later in the spring (like there was last year?)
A: All Founders’ Challenge donors will be invited to a party on April 29, 2017, hosted by Sam and Mariah at Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware, featuring brewery tours and tastings.

Long live the spirit of D.L. Moody, who founded NMH in 1879.