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As we look ahead to improve our world, we give back and support NMH.

Each year, our first philanthropic priority for NMH is to create and maintain a strong NMH Fund. This is one of the school's financial cornerstones. It's the way that thousands of alumni, parents, and friends stay connected to the school and come together for a crucial common goal: to affirm the value of an NMH education, and to pass that experience on to others. Every single gift matters.

You can direct your gift wherever it's needed most or to the area of NMH that means the most to you.

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Faculty Support

Your gift provides compensation and professional development for NMH teachers. You sustain a faculty that is brilliant, caring, and ready to inspire today's students.

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Student Financial Aid

Your gift provides scholarships to students who could not otherwise afford to attend NMH. You keep NMH egalitarian, diverse, and open to all.

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Program Support

Your gift sustains your favorite program (such as humanities, math, science, arts, athletics, or the school farm) and upholds the NMH commitment to nurture the head, heart, and hand. 

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