Summer Reading

Welcome to the NMH Summer Reading Program. Summer reading expectations at NMH are divided into two categories: reading students will do for their English courses, and reading students will do to participate in a book discussion group early in the academic year.

The books that are required for English courses and the subsequent writing assignments are designed to introduce students to and help them prepare for the academic challenges they will face in each course. These readings are an integral to the experience in the NMH classroom and it is important that students read with intention, take meaningful notes, complete the writing assignment, and think about the important characteristics of the work on their own before they return to school.
The books for the discussion groups were selected by the members of the NMH faculty and staff. The selections are broken up by grade. Students will have a limited choice of what they read, except for members of the class of 2018 who will read a book in common.
The goal of the book groups is to get people with common interests in a room to discuss a book at length. It is no less important for students to read with close attention to detail, but there will be no writing assigned for this aspect of the program. Students will be evaluated based on thoughtful participation in the discussion group. In order to keep the discussion groups small, students are required to select their top ten choices of books from the list.
The reading assignments, both for English and the school-wide book initiative are based on grade level. Specific grade level assignments can be accessed by choosing the appropriate link below.
Summer Reading Information  (PDF download)