Peggy Pappas

I've been dancing since I was three years old. I joined Senior Dance Company as a freshman, which was a big thing because I was the only freshman in the company. It was weird at first, but once I started getting to know the other girls, I was very comfortable. I work on my technique every day; my parents can't believe how much I've grown as a dancer. I especially love modern and hip-hop, but now that I'm at NMH, I'm into everything.

Along with the arts, I'm really into science. This year I took biology with Rob Buyea. I had no idea I'd love the subject, but he opened that door for me. I found I was fascinated by how the body works. I liked the subject so much that I'll be taking anatomy and physiology next year. My grandmother is a doctor, so I told her about my biology class. She was kind of shocked at how much I loved it.  

The best thing about NMH is that there is no dress code. We do have some rules pertaining to dress, but otherwise people can dress the way they want. At my old private school, we had uniforms; I had to start wearing one in second grade. When you have to wear the same clothes every day, you're not your own independent self. I think it's really important for kids to express themselves through their clothes. It keeps the community diverse.