Franklin County Outreach Concert

The NMH Orchestra, Concert Band, and Jazz Ensemble will all be featured in the Franklin County Outreach Concert on Sunday, Feb. 15 at 3 pm in the Rhodes Arts Center. The concert honors Franklin County senior citizens and raises money for Meals on Wheels. The NMH Music Department in November 2014 was awarded the Franklin County Home Care Corporation's 2014 Community Partner Award for outstanding support for the Meals on Wheels program.

Vespers in Boston Dec. 18

Those unable to attend on-campus Vespers will have an opportunity to be part of the service in Boston’s beautiful Back Bay. A reception in the church will follow the service, and the NMH Alumni Council will host a post-event gathering at nearby Tico Boston starting at 9 pm.

7 pm, Services at Emmanuel Church | 15 Newbury Street, Boston, MA

9 pm, Post-event gathering at Tico Boston, 222 Berkeley Street

State of the World: Anna Stevens '09

Informed by her own three-month journey following the Mekong River through China, Laos, and Cambodia, Anna Stevens (NMH Class of 2009) will speak about the geography, history, and current environmental issues of the Mekong River Basin at a Wantman Family State of the World Speaker Series event on December 9.

Aided by anecdotal stories from her experience, she'll share what life is like along the Mekong and how local communities and families are affected in their everyday lives by the powerful political and environmental forces that shape the river.


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