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NMH's future is bright: Two projects on the horizon have the potential to transform our school community for generations. Join us on October 21 to celebrate the new NMH...

September 22, 2017 • NMH Social

What is The Purple Crayon? It's Yale's #improv group! They're working with #NMH performing students all day, w/ sh… https://t.co/F5up9cquzP https://twitter.com/NMHschool/status/911274263394574336

September 22, 2017 • NMH Social

#TBT: 115 years ago this month, President Theodore Roosevelt came to #NMH! (He's holding a top hat, at right in photo.) The Sept. 20, 1902, "Hermonite" says his talk drew...

September 21, 2017 • NMH Social

On WNMH radio 8-10 tonight: the common denominator between Stravinsky & The Archies! Find out what it is at… https://t.co/4YgmxZrmUU https://twitter.com/NMHschool/status/910632024834224129

September 20, 2017 • NMH Social

NMH's dining services was re-certified as a 3-star "green restaurant" by the Green Restaurant Assn., reflecting its… https://t.co/D3hwXyOVVC https://twitter.com/NMHschool/status/910564597068959744

September 20, 2017 • NMH Social

Physical education classes in support of the #NMHathletics program are underway, & the tennis class with instructor… https://t.co/d8bnIJGles https://twitter.com/NMHschool/status/910594667175137280

September 20, 2017 • NMH Social

Students in Sam Pettengill's Digital Photography I class are really focused on their work outside the Rhodes Arts Center. #NMHarts #NMHacademics Photo by Glenn Minshall

September 19, 2017 • NMH Social

Or at the #NMH Hogger Fair, you could choose to UP AND DOWN, again and again, and again... (Glenn Minshall photo)… https://t.co/3Ua4GoRhrX http://twitter.com/NMHschool/status/909829434085167104

September 18, 2017 • NMH Social