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Ask us anything ... #NMH students host a panel for prospective students at Envision NMH days. #enrollNMH… https://t.co/LUTRpkThW1 http://twitter.com/NMHschool/status/846374000657911808

March 27, 2017 • NMH Social

Envision NMH Days started today, with 45 prospective students and their families meeting the NMH community and sampling the school’s academics and extracurricular...

March 27, 2017 • NMH Social

Ten NMH Rhodes Fellows in the Social Entrepreneurship course were inspired by the professors, college students, and professionals (including an NMH alumna) exchanging ideas at...

March 27, 2017 • NMH Social

Entrepreneur, CEO and NMH Trustee Warren Webster '92 offers tips for managing a crazy, busy life. https://t.co/gSMuDcRCwp http://twitter.com/NMHschool/status/845275095564214272

March 24, 2017 • NMH Social

From the annals of NMH athletic ventures that are no more ... #tbt

March 23, 2017 • NMH Social

A group of NMH dancers head to the Regional High School Dance Festival at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, today. They'll take classes; attend performances, workshops, and...

March 23, 2017 • NMH Social

As students returned to classes yesterday, sophomore humanities students and three teachers departed for two weeks of study and travel in Brazil! They'll spend some time first...

March 22, 2017 • NMH Social

#MondayMotivation from Nobel Laureate and poet Derek Walcott, who died last week: "Days I have held, days I have lost, days that outgrow, like daughters, my harbouring arms...

March 20, 2017 • NMH Social