“What's so special about this place? We value exceptionalism without valuing elitism.”

– Dean of Faculty Hugh Silbaugh

News Stories

Mastering the Classroom

How do new teachers master their profession?A feature article in the spring NMH Magazine shows how NMH’s youngest teachers get better faster.Read the feature article.More

Married Artists Team Up

What happens when two married artists collaborate? The NMH Magazine article “The Year of Working Secretly” shows how writer Leila Philip ’79 and artist Garth Evans teamed up to produce a book of poetry accompanied by watercolors. Read the feature article.More

Getting the Word Out

"Most people don't know what cops do or how they do it," says J. Peter Donald ’05, who spends his days and many of his nights disseminating news about the New York Police Department.The latest NMH Magazine shows how Donald tells stories about police officers "in the most interesting, creative, thoughtful way possible."Read the feature article.More

Alum’s Play Hits Off-Broadway

 “Turn Me Loose,” a current Off-Broadway drama about the groundbreaking 1960s comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory that The New York Times calls “scorchingly funny,” has distant origins at the Northfield School for Girls. When playwright Gretchen Law ’70 was a sophomore at Northfield in 1968, “feeling the pain of the times and searching for ways to confront the danger and injustice...More

They’re Off

NMH grads head to prestigious colleges this fall June 15, 2016 — They know where they’re going. Northfield Mount Hermon’s newest graduates are headed to some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities this fall.The years spent preparing themselves academically, the weeks of researching possible institutions, and the hours spent crafting just the right application package all paid...More