“What's so special about this place? We value exceptionalism without valuing elitism.”

– Dean of Faculty Hugh Silbaugh

News Stories

Kevin: Becoming a Person with Many Passions

“In my three years at NMH, I’ve changed from a person without any particular interests to a person with many passions,” says Kevin Cap, a senior from Vietnam. “When I first came here, my most important goal was just to study, though I was a little curious about performing,” he says. Kevin became a regular in the theater program — singing and acting in two large musical productions — Shrek and...More

Maggie: Gotta Dance, Gotta Dance!

Maggie Dunbar calls herself a “creative learner,” and dance has taken her on a artistic journey both within and beyond the world of movement.  Already steeped in ballet when she was drawn to NMH’s robust dance program, Maggie now prefers modern and contemporary dance. She has performed with the dance companies each year, and traveled with the group to two regional festivals. Those, she says,...More

Meet an NMH Student: Ngone Fall

“My admission tour guide, Samantha, told me that the NMH community is so open and welcoming and there’s always space to be you,” recalls sophomore Ngone Fall, who’s from Newark, New Jersey. “And that’s exactly what I found when I came here, and that’s what I still receive, from everybody, to this day.”“The academics are extremely rigorous, but because of the way teachers present things, it’s not...More

The 2016-17 School Year in Review

June 19, 2017 — The 2016–2017 school year was filled with memorable moments. Great performances, engaging speakers, sweet sports victories, trips abroad, and so much more.  */ Enjoy this look back at some of the highlights. More

NMH Closing in On Carbon Neutrality Goal

 June 5, 2017 — Northfield Mount Hermon is taking a major step toward its goal of becoming a carbon-neutral campus. Starting this December, NMH will achieve net zero electricity use for at least the following three years. (NMH currently gets at least 12 percent of its power from renewable sources.) The school has signed a contract with Renewable Choice Energy, a subsidiary of the Schneider...More