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Pulitzer Prize-winning writers Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn visited NMH to invite students to join them in becoming agents of change in the world — tackling international and domestic problems by raising awareness, even on a small scale. Early childhood education in impoverished communities, international teen pregnancy, violence against women — “These issues only get resources when we... More
"I’m not racist … am I?" It's a provocative question. It’s also the title of a documentary film that launched NMH's fourth annual Diversity Day in mid-February. The movie follows 12 New York City public and private school students as they come together for a series of workshops about racism and then take the discussions home to their families. Produced by Point Made Films and The Calhoun School... More
Feb. 5, 2015, is an ordinary day for most people, but at Northfield Mount Hermon, it’s the birthday of Dwight Lyman Moody, the school’s founder. Which means students, faculty, and staff take a break from the usual routine to gather in Memorial Chapel and talk about things like learning and commitment and doing the right thing. Moody “was a man who placed the well-being of others above his own,”... More
Around the middle of January, math department chair Dick Peller gets really excited about baseball. It doesn't matter that every field for miles around is covered with snow, or that the sporting event on most sports fans' minds is the Super Bowl. Every winter Peller hosts Northfield Mount Hermon's Hot Stove League — a gathering of baseball fans who, like him, are eager to talk players, stats,... More
On Jan. 19, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Northfield Mount Hermon holds classes as usual. "It's not a day off, it's a day on," says Associate Dean of Multicultural Education James Greenwood. At NMH, it's actually a whole week on—for several reasons. First, "Dr. King was an inspirational leader and an agent for change, and conversations about him don't get fleshed out and understood in just one day... More