“What's so special about this place? We value exceptionalism without valuing elitism.”

– Dean of Faculty Hugh Silbaugh

News Stories

Farmers’ Market Teach-In to Focus on Food

 April 27, 2017 — Food: We eat it several times a day, though often without thinking about where it came from or what was required to raise, harvest, and prepare it. Thinking consciously about food — from seed to plate and how meal choices connect to local and global food systems — will be front and center at the May 5 Farmers’ Market Teach-In. At least 18 local food producers and artisans will...More

Artist Michelle Holzapfel Achieves “Impossible” Images

 May 1, 2017 — Wood that looks like linen fabric. Fabric that resembles spring flowers. The artwork of Michelle Holzapfel is full of surprises. The Gallery at the Rhodes Arts Center features her work in Pencil Needle Chisel, an exhibition opening Friday, May 5, and continuing through June 3.  An opening reception will be held in the gallery May 5 at 6:30 pm. “Michelle's work is so interesting...More

Sacred Concert Set for May 7

 April 20, 2017 — For more than a century, the school community has gathered on the Northfield campus for a performance of spiritual music. This year’s Sacred Concert — the 123rd annual — will be held in the Northfield Auditorium at 2:30 pm on Sunday, May 7. The concert is free and will be livestreamed. This year’s concert theme is “We will harbor you,” inspired by the words of Ysaye Barnwell’s...More

Earth Week Focuses on Environmental Justice

 April 18, 2017 — April at NMH typically brings separate events for Service Day, Earth Day celebration, and the year’s final diversity summit. This spring, eco-leaders, service leaders, peer educators, and Diversity Committee members combined efforts and planned intertwined events for April 18-23 centered on environmental justice.Eco-leader Emma Lindale ’17 says this approach provides “An...More

Science Club Builds Alternative Reality

April 19, 2017 — The sun is shining outside, but inside Cutler Science Center, it’s raining. Virtually raining, that is. Members of the NMH Science Club have worked all year to produce an “alternative reality sandbox” that appears to show a mountain on which it’s raining, with water running down its sides and pooling at its base. Only it isn’t a mountain, it’s a pile of physical sand overlaid...More