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Ferguson, Missouri is 1150 miles away from Northfield Mount Hermon, but it took center stage in many NMH classrooms after news broke that one of the town’s white police officers would not be indicted for fatally shooting a black teenager last summer. The announcement from Ferguson came during NMH’s Thanksgiving break, and when students returned to classes, they found teachers like Sally Komarek... More
The boys' varsity soccer team made it all the way to the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) final championship game, falling in a hard-fought match to Berkshire School 2-0 on Sunday, Nov. 16.  The Hoggers entered as the eighth seed and proceeded to knock off undefeated and number-one seed Loomis Chaffee on the road and then traveled to play Worcester in the semifinals. NMH... More
The Bemis-Forslund Pie Race is NMH's pre-Thanksgiving tradition every year: a 4.3-mile footrace that winds around and through the campus, ending, for the swiftest runners, with a fresh apple pie baked by dining services staff. This year, the competitors numbered nearly 375, with myriad members of the NMH community lacing up their sneakers—students, faculty, alumni, siblings, parents, and even... More
"One thing that has really been ingrained in me throughout my time as an athlete is that if you feel comfortable while doing it, chances are you're doing it wrong," said Caroline Sullivan '15, the keynote speaker for the Fall 2014 Athletic Awards Banquet. "All athletes in this room tonight know the feeling I'm talking about. The last few minutes of a game or race when your legs burn and your head... More
The NMH Diversity Summit series invites faculty and students from NMH, and occasionally other schools, to come together and discuss diversity, equity, social justice, and multiculturalism. Each summit includes dynamic keynote speakers, small group conversations, and interactive workshops. These workshops are led by people from inside and outside the NMH community and can be led by both faculty... More