Humanities Trip: Brazil

03/24/2017 - 9:00am
Students in the Humanities II: Brazil course leave March 24 for the study-abroad portion of their combined religion, history, and English course.
Brazil is an emerging regional and global power, and this course provides NMH students with a unique opportunity to study the country’s complex forces of race, class, natural resource management, and urbanization. The amalgamation of African and European cultures and religions will be a core aspect of the overall Humanities II curriculum and the travel component. 
Students will travel in Brazil for two weeks, applying themes introduced in the curriculum.
Students will visit four very distinct regions: Praia do Forte, Salvador da Bahia, Itaparica, and Rio de Janeiro. Praia do Forte is a coastal town that is home to interesting marine ecology projects. Salvador da Bahia is on the northern coast and represents Brazil’s African roots and slave history. On Itaparica, students will be immersed in the small island community and work with local students. In Rio de Janeiro, students will continue their focus on race, class, and urban issues while looking closely at Brazil’s diversity. Race and class and the emergence of the modern democratic process will be some of the core themes in Rio de Janeiro.