Diversity Day 2017

Northfield Mount Hermon will host its sixth annual Diversity Day conference on Thursday, Feb. 23. Instead of their regular classes, students and faculty take part in a community-wide gathering and three workshops on a variety of diversity and social-justice topics.
The annual event, plus three weekend-long Diversity Summits during the academic year, are among the ways NMH tries to fulfill its mission to engage in the world with humanity and purpose. 
“We are a place that strives to dive into especially difficult conversations and work as a community to create space for many voices and perspectives to be heard,” says English teacher Janae Peters, who coordinates the event. “Diversity Day also hopes to create space for the community to explore topics and aspects of their identity, experience, interests, ‘big questions,’ and concerns that we do not normally have the opportunity to explore in our busy schedules.”
Some 75 workshops will be offered, each developed and presented by a student, teacher, or other NMH community member. This year, at least two members of the Alumni Council’s Diversity Committee are also supporting Diversity Day events. 
Workshop topics include “Writing with Empathy,” “The Pillars of Conservatism,” “Southern Cooking and White Privilege,” and “Fela Kuti, Afrobeat, and Music as a Call to Social Justice.” Workshop themes embrace art, culture/language, food, gender/sexuality/LGBTQ, identity, media and contemporary issues, race/ethnicity, science/religion, social justice, and sports.