Special Projects

Every year, gifts are made to fund special projects. Several of these have been initiated by donors who wish to honor NMH faculty. We invite you to participate in all of these funds in addition to your participation in the NMH Fund, which is the school's top priority. Your support, in any amount, will help sustain excellence at NMH.

Richard and Louise Schwingel International Study Scholarship Fund

Made possible by Lisa and Buster Olney ’82, this fund helps students who want to participate in an NMH travel program but do not have the means to do so. The fund honors longtime (and recently retired) teachers Louise and Dick Schwingel, who have a passion for international travel and a desire for all NMH students to have access to educational travel programs. The director of the Center for International Education will select the scholarship fund recipients during each academic year. Now that the fund is established, gifts of any size may be added to it, allowing the fund to grow and provide additional support.

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Gretel Schatz Endowed Fund for Dance

Established in January 2015 in recognition of Gretel Schatz, director of the NMH Dance Program since 1998, this fund supports travel opportunities for student dance groups, professional development for dance faculty, fees for bringing guest artists to campus, and any other activities that broaden the experience of dance at Northfield Mount Hermon. 

For more information, contact Rennie Washburn P'12, '13.

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Dorothy and Ned Meany Home

In a continuing effort to honor the people who made the Northfield School for Girls such a special place and to ensure that their names live on in perpetuity at Northfield Mount Hermon, the school has renovated Highland House and renamed it Meany House. The name is a tribute to the former Northfield headmaster Dr. Edmund S. Meany, Jr., and his wife, Dorothy. Funds are being sought to pay for the renovations.

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Northfield School for Girls Scholarship Fund

The Northfield School for Girls Scholarship Fund was established in 2011 with initial gifts from Ellen Watson Payzant '58, Thomas W. Payzant '58, and Suzanne Steenburg Hill '66.

The purpose of this fund is to create a scholarship that provides financial assistance for a female student who embodies the spirit of the Northfield School for Girls: a young woman who possesses academic curiosity and dedication; displays a strong work ethic; has great determination to succeed; and conducts herself with confidence, caring, and poise. The first NSFG recipient started at NMH in the fall of 2012.

Gifts of any amount may be added to the fund, which will provide financial assistance for a female student. Donors of outright or planned gifts in any amount are invited to an annual scholarship luncheon, when they will have a chance to meet the scholarship recipient(s).

For more information, contact Allyson Goodwin '83, P'12, '14.

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Honoring Northfield Fund

Begun in 2013, the Honoring Northfield Fund helps underwrite projects that honor the memory and elegance of the Northfield campus, including the renovations and renaming of rooms in Alumni Hall, bringing plaques and archived materials over to the NMH campus, and providing access to photography and other materials to current students so that they understand and appreciate the history and legacy of Northfield. 

For more information, contact Allyson Goodwin '83, P'12, '14.

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Richard Odman Endowed Farm Fund

The Hayward Farm at NMH epitomizes for many all that is good about the work program at NMH. The work done on the farm touches us all; we have eaten the ice cream, vegetables, cheese, and berries. We have poured the syrup on our pancakes and enjoyed the cider and milk. NMH students helped harvest and produce it all. The farm has become part of what distinguishes NMH from other schools; students learn how to do the work and understand why the work is important to the school.

For more than 35 years, the face of the farm was Richard Odman. Six days a week, 12 hours a day, he taught hundreds of students more than they ever expected to learn. Most of those students will remember their days on the farm for the rest of their lives.

Richard retired in 2013, and to honor his commitment to NMH and to students, several donors created the Richard Odman Endowed Farm Fund. Established in 2012 with an initial gift from the estate of Martha Avison Woodson ’45, the fund will help support and enhance farm operations and facilitate continued efforts to teach and promote environmental sustainability.

For more information, contact Jeff Leyden '80, P'14.

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